Wave energy helps decarbonize oil and gas platforms


Norway Lundin Energy Norway has partnered with Ocean Harvesting Technologies to explore the use of wave energy to decarbonize the production of oil and gas.

Photo credit: https://www.cheapsurfgear.com/

The companies are collaborating through a new R&D study on how installation of wave energy converters could potentially provide clean, stable and cost-effective electricity to an offshore oil and gas platform.

The one-year project will run until February 2022 and will provide valuable data and information on how to electrify major offshore operations with wave power, as well as setting both Ocean Harvesting Technologies and Lundin Energy Norway at the forefront of decarbonization of oil and gas production in support of the shift to a lower carbon and sustainable energy future.

Lundin Energy’s carbon intensity per barrel of oil produced is approximately a sixth of the industry world average and the company plans to be one of the first oil and gas companies to achieve carbon neutrality from 2025. To achieve carbon neutrality across operational emissions, Lundin Energy Norway’s key focus is on decarbonizing extraction and production activities.