TotalEnergies rolls out LNG deals in Oman


Oman – TotalEnergies has begun producing gas from onshore Block 10 in the Sultanate of Oman and has reached a deal with Oman LNG for a long-term LNG purchase contract, both of which are in accordance with its growth plan in gas and LNG, a fuel contributing to the energy transition.

With the onshore Block 10 Mabrouk North-East field, TotalEnergies began to produce gas. Block 10 is owned by TotalEnergies with a 26.55% stake, OQ with a 20% stake, and Shell, the operator, with a 53.45% stake.

By the middle of 2024, gas production is anticipated to reach 500 million standard cubic feet per day. The gas that is produced will fuel both local industries and LNG export facilities as well as the Omani gas network. Following the signing of the concession agreement in December 2021, this production will begin.

Long-term LNG acquisition

A contract between TotalEnergies and Oman LNG for the purchase of 0.8 million metric tons of LNG annually beginning in 2025 has also been signed.

By enabling TotalEnergies to target both the European and Asian markets, this new contract will strengthen its flexibility and add to its integrated LNG portfolio. Because it will enable the electric utilities who acquire it to switch out coal for it and thereby save CO2 emissions, this LNG will help to reduce emissions into the atmosphere (a natural gas power plant releases about half as much CO2 as a coal power plant).

In a joint venture with Veolia, TotalEnergies has secured 30 MW of solar projects in Oman, including one to supply Sharqiyah Desalination Company (17 MW).