Norwegian govt improves safety measures on its Continental Shelf


Norway – The Norwegian government has made the decision to improve safety measures for the Norwegian Continental Shelf’s onshore and offshore facilities.

Numerous NCS operator businesses alerted the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority to the sighting of unidentified drones/aircraft near offshore installations. It has inspired heightened vigilance among all NCS operators and ship owners.

“There has been close contact between the Norwegian Government, the Police, the Norwegian Armed Forces and the operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. On this basis, the Government has decided to enact measures to heighten emergency preparedness in relation to infrastructure, onshore and offshore installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Some of the background are reports of increased drone activity. An investigation is ongoing. On a general basis, there is a high awareness around operational safety on the Norwegian Continental Shelf,” said Terje Aasland, the Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy.

Gas leaks

As reported by Reuters, the European Union has concluded that the gas leaks on the Russian underwater pipelines leading to Europe were intentionally caused. If any of the bloc’s energy infrastructure is intentionally damaged, the group has promised a “strong” retaliation.

The Norwegian government is keeping an eye on the situation in the Baltic Sea, where gas has been leaking from the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines.

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