Norway takes steps to meet Europe’s gas supply demand


Norway – Equinor and its partners, as well as the Norwegian government, are taking new steps to meet Europe’s growing demand for gas supply.

Production permits for the Troll, Oseberg, and Heidrun fields have been increased, ensuring that the high gas production can continue through the summer months. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has revised production permits for the Oseberg field, allowing it to increase gas exports by approximately one billion cubic meters until September 30th. Gas exports from the Heidrun field could rise by 0.4 billion cubic meters in the year 2022.

In a year, 1.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas are sufficient to meet the gas needs of approximately 1.4 million European homes.

Enhanced durability

As a result, Equinor has decided to push back turnarounds on the Oseberg field from May to September this year in an effort to boost production even more. On the basis of a thorough examination of the plants’ technical integrity, this decision was made.

Short turnarounds will be used to carry out any necessary repairs that may arise. Safety is the most important consideration. The Sture terminal turnaround will be delayed as a result of the postponement. As a result of the permits adjustment, the Troll production can be increased by up to 1 billion cubic meters of gas in the event of the loss of production on other fields in this area; thus, it is more robust than before.