Gasunie looks into increasing LNG imports in The Netherlands


The Netherlands – The potential for a further temporary increase in the Netherlands’ LNG import capacity is being looked into by Gasunie.

On the basis of technical improvements, it is planned to significantly expand the existing LNG installations in Eemshaven (EemsEnergyTerminal) and Rotterdam (Gate). Additionally, one or more brand-new (floating) LNG terminals will be required to guarantee that there will be an adequate supply of gas in 2019. Terneuzen’s port is currently being considered for this.

After consulting with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, this research was conducted.

This winter, there won’t be any actual gas shortages in the Netherlands. Because of a persistent structural shortage in Northwest Europe, the prices are high. The pressure on costs can be reduced by expediting the energy transition, increasing LNG import capacity in the Netherlands, and conserving energy.

Hydrogen coming soon

Therefore, Gasunie is collaborating closely with the Dutch government to build a nationwide hydrogen network. For the next two to three years, however, the demand for natural gas cannot yet be met by hydrogen. Therefore, the best strategy to stabilize gas market prices in the short term is to realize more LNG import capacity.

Gasunie is considering a temporary additional extension of the import capacity up to and including the winter of 2025–2026 in an effort to achieve a reduction in this gas price. These are actions that can be taken as early as the upcoming winter (2023/2024), ideally before the gas storage facilities’ filling season begins (April 2023).