Gasunie adds second floating LNG facility in Eemshaven


The Netherlands – Gasunie has agreed to lease a floating LNG installation (FSRU) from New Fortress Energy, an American energy infrastructure company.

This vessel will convert liquefied natural gas into gas in the Eemshaven area of Groningen for the next five years. The installation can also be used for gas storage. In the third quarter of 2022, the vessel is expected to arrive in Eemshaven.

Gasunie subsidiary EET BV is expanding its new LNG terminal in Eemshaven with this second floating LNG installation, allowing a total of 8 billion cubic meters of LNG to be converted into natural gas. Gasunie purchased the FSRU S188 from Exmar, a Belgian shipping company, at the end of April. In the third quarter, this installation will also arrive in Eemshaven.

Attracting interest

The recently launched LNG market parties tender has sparked a lot of interest. More than 15 parties have expressed interest in using the terminal to deliver LNG cargoes, with demand exceeding supply by four times. These parties have until June 10 to convert their interest into a legally binding LNG supply agreement. Exmar and NFE’s floating facilities will be technically ready once moored in Eemshaven, connected to the existing gas network, and then transported to the LNG terminal. Both facilities should be operational by the autumn.

Gasunie will continue to ensure onward gas transport in the Netherlands via the national gas pipeline network from Eemshaven. In addition to Eemshaven, the existing GATE terminal on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam will be upgraded to allow for more LNG to be produced. Together, Eemshaven and Rotterdam will double the Netherlands’ LNG capacity.

Energy and Climate Minister Jetten announced in mid-March that the Dutch cabinet was investigating with Gasunie how the Netherlands’ LNG import capacity could be increased in the short term. As a result, Gasunie is making a significant contribution toward achieving Russian natural gas independence.