Equinor in this years’ largest oil find off Norway


Norway – Equinor and its collaborators Var Energi, Idemitsu Petroleum, and Neptune Energy have made the largest find on the Norwegian continental shelf this year.

According to preliminary figures, the find is worth between 12 and 19 million standard cubic meters of recoverable oil equivalent, or 75-120 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalent.

Exploration wells 31/2-22 S and 31/2-22 A in development licenses 090, 090 I, and 090 E’s Blasto prospect were drilled approximately 3 kilometers southwest of the Fram field, 11 kilometers northwest of the Troll field, and 120 kilometers northwest of Bergen.

Cut greenhouse emissions by 40%

The findings can be created and processed in accordance with Equinor’s climate goals based on the nature of the resources and their proximity to established infrastructure. The company’s goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions from run fields and onshore plants in Norway by 40% by 2030, relative to 2018.

Exploration well 31/2-22 S encountered a total oil column of about 30 metres in the upper Sognefjord formation and a total oil column of about 50 metres in the lower Sognefjord formation. Oil-water contacts were established at 1860 and 1960 meters, respectively.

Data collection and sampling

Exploration well 31/2-22 A encountered high-quality sandstone in the Sognefjord formation, but the reservoir is full of water and the well is graded as dry. In order for the discovery to be economically feasible, the licensees would consider linking it to other discoveries and established facilities in the field. Although the wells were not formation tested, thorough data collection and sampling were performed. These are the first and second discovery wells in development licence 090 I. The license was granted during the 2017 awards in predefined areas (APA 2017) licencing round.

The well 31/2-22 S was drilled to a vertical depth of 2282 meters and a measured depth of 2379 meters below sea level. The well 31/2-22 A was drilled to a vertical depth of 2035 meters and a measured depth of 2207 meters below sea level.

Water depth in the area is 349 meters. The wells have been permanently plugged and abandoned.