HYTE vlog#2: Ammonia ambitions on the Maasvlakte


The Netherlands – In the second vlog in preparation for the Hydrogen Trail Europe (HYTE), we visited Gasunie on the Maasvlakte. There, together with HES International and Vopak, Gasunie plans to build an import terminal for green ammonia as a hydrogen carrier. Work will begin this quarter on the basic design of ‘ACE Terminal’. The aim is for the terminal to be operational from 2026. In the vlog Johan Douma (Gasunie)explains from the roof of an LNG Tank where various installations may be located.

Hydrogen, when combined with nitrogen in the form of ammonia, can be transported, stored and converted back into green hydrogen more easily and safely in larger quantities. In addition, green ammonia is also directly applicable as a CO2-free fuel for shipping, for example, or as a raw material for the production of artificial fertilizer.


The three partners have a location in mind on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. Ships from all over the world can dock there to unload green ammonia, and possibly blue as well in the initial phase. Moreover, at that location use can be made of the existing infrastructure and logistical facilities of the port of Rotterdam. There is also space on the site for the development of an installation where ammonia can be converted back to hydrogen. In the future, this installation will be connected to Gasunie’s national hydrogen network, which will serve the future hydrogen market in Northwest Europe.

Combining forces

HES has a strategic location on the Maasvlakte with quay capacity and direct access from the sea. Gasunie has an infrastructure of existing storage tanks and pipelines. Vopak, with six ammonia terminals around the world, has extensive experience in the safe storage of ammonia. By joining forces, the partners will be able to realize the import location for green ammonia in Rotterdam within a few years. The final investment decision has yet to be made and will be based on, among other things, customer contracts and the necessary permits including an EIA procedure.

The starting point is an independent and open access infrastructure where the partners themselves will not own the green ammonia. A market consultation will start soon in which interested parties can express their interest in the supply, storage and transit of green ammonia and hydrogen. Exploratory talks with international market parties are already underway.

About HYTE

What are the current steps in European industry towards emission-free hydrogen? And how do these fit into the full transformation of industry? Industry & Energy along with four young professionals, will be hitting the road for the HYdrogen Trail Europe (HYTE), June 27th until July 8th. With podcasts, vlogs and journalistic items we will report. Follow us at Industry & Energy and Linkedin


June 27th -July 8th, 2022

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– Tes Apeldoorn, Process Engineer Neste

– Carina Nieuwenweg, PhD Wageningen University & Research

– Lucy Schwartz, Project Manager Hydrogen Uniper

– Leon Rosseau, PhD Eindhoven University of Technology

– Wim Raaijen, Founder/Editor in Chief Industry & Energy


With electric transport and, where possible, with a hydrogen-powered car.

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