HYTE: floating plant and green hydrogen from seawater


France – On the Atlantic coast of France, Lhyfe has been producing green hydrogen from seawater since last year. And the ambitious startup has more grand plans. Preparations are underway for the world’s first floating hydrogen plant. Worth a visit during Hydrogen Trail Europe, early July.

In August 2021, Lhyfe opened a production site for green hydrogen in Bouin, Vendée. Directly connected to a wind farm located a few hundred meters away, the facility can produce from 300 to 1,000 kg of hydrogen per day. The plant gets seawater from the harbor. Water is purified, and electrolyzed.

Offshore electrolyser

The conditions are ripe for another ambitious challenge: the world’s first offshore hydrogen production facility. The plant developed by Lhyfe and powered by electricity from a floating wind turbine will be operational after summer 2022, off the coast of Le Croisic.

The offshore test site meets all the criteria to validate offshore hydrogen production technology before moving towards large-scale industrial deployment in 2024. The electrolyser will be installed on a floating platform and connected to the various sources of renewable energy available on the offshore test site, including the Floatgen floating wind turbine.


From June 27 to July 8, 2022, the editors of Industrielinqs and Industry & Energy will set off with four young professionals for the HYdrogen Trail Europe. Along the way they will blog, vlog about industrial hydrogen projects. They will also make a documentary and publish articles in magazines and on sites.
Central questions: what can we already see of the role that zero-emission hydrogen will play in Europe? And what are the next steps? From the North of the Netherlands, the Route goes via Germany and possibly Switzerland to Portugal and Spain. The return journey is via France and Belgium.

Wim Raaijen
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