Vynova Belgium installs steam boilers on hydrogen


Belgium – Chemical company Vynova is commissioning an innovative steam boiler in Tessenderlo that runs on hydrogen. By the end of this year, the company will install a second, identical steam boiler. Thanks to both boilers, Vynova is reducing the CO2 emissions of its production site by 10,000 tons per year. In total, this involves an investment of more than eight million euros. The hydrogen is a by-product of Vynova’s own processes.

Each steam boiler will have a burner capacity of more than 20 MW and will be able to produce 30 tons of steam per hour. With this, the boilers can generate about two-thirds of all the steam consumed by the Tessenderlo site. Previously, steam boilers ran on natural gas.

Extra hydrogen

Vynova produces various base chemicals in Tessenderlo that are used in the construction sector, the medical world, the food industry and for water purification, among others. We have recently expanded our production capacity for various products, so that we are also generating more hydrogen as a by-product. We are already using a large part of this hydrogen for various applications in our processes. Thanks to the new boilers, we will also be able to make maximum use of all the additional hydrogen generated’, says Dimitri Wouters, Site Manager of Vynova Belgium.

The hydrogen powered steam boilers are part of a comprehensive investment program in new technologies to make Vynova’s facilities even more sustainable and efficient. Since 2016, Vynova Group has thus already invested more than 200 million euros at its Tessenderlo site.

Wim Raaijen
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