VoltH2 developing green hydrogen site in Germany


Germany – VoltH2 will establish a green hydrogen plant in Wilhelmshaven, Germany’s main deep-sea port and primary energy hub.

As of now, building on the plant is scheduled to begin in 2026. Up to 100 MW of capacity is projected at startup.

In Europe, VoltH2 is constructing a network of eco-friendly hydrogen power stations. VoltH2 is currently operational in Germany thanks to this fourth facility in Wilhelmshaven. A deal was reached between VoltH2 and NPorts (Niedersachsen Ports) for the use of a four-hectare site.

Dutch sites

The first three sites will be in Delfzijl, Terneuzen, and Vlissingen. The corporation already possesses the permissions necessary to produce up to 170 MW in Terneuzen and Vlissingen. Delfzijl will further boost the capacity to between 230 and 300 MW, for which the permit application is in progress.

Green hydrogen has been designated by Germany as playing a significant role in meeting the 2050 climate targets. The goal is to combine domestic manufacturing with imports, which Wilhelmshaven can do in both capacities.