Vertex to supply over 1,000MW of hydrogen to UK industrial companies


United Kingdom – At the Essar facility in Ellesmere Port, Vertex Hydrogen is building the first large-scale, low-carbon hydrogen production hub in the UK. The company has now inked agreements to deliver more than 1,000MW of low-carbon hydrogen to prominent industrial companies in the area.

Such amounts of energy can ensure Vertex’s whole initial hydrogen production capacity, power a large metropolis like Liverpool, and enable crucial hydrogen infrastructure investments in the area. This accomplishment highlights Vertex’s position as the UK’s biggest and most technologically advanced low carbon hydrogen center.

Carbon capture

About 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 will be captured annually and stored by the HyNet project to save more than 10% of the industrial emissions in the area, which is the same as removing 750,000 automobiles off the road.

In order to secure and expand crucial jobs in the area, the project will see direct investments totaling over £2 billion in the hydrogen plant and related regional hydrogen transport and storage infrastructure.

Global companies doing business in the area are driving the demand for hydrogen because they want to replace their present high-carbon fuels with low-carbon hydrogen in order to pioneer a number of important industries. These customers significantly contribute both directly and indirectly to the 340,000 individuals working in manufacturing in the North West. Innovations in the glass, cement, and sustainable aviation fuels are also included.

Wim Raaijen
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