Van Dam Shipping building hydrogen-powered ship for Tata Steel


The Netherlands – Van Dam Shipping will build a hydrogen-powered ship for Tata Steel, an IJmuiden-based steel company hoping to reduce CO2 emissions from steel coil shipping.

Van Dam Shipping will construct a so-called Short-Sea Vessel with a loading capacity of about 5,000 tons for Tata Steel.

Clean steel

The steel industry has been chastised in recent years for its CO2 and particulate matter emissions. Around 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands are attributed to the company. The company wants to switch to hydrogen as an energy source by0 2030 and call itself a “green, clean steel industry.”

Tata Steel transports two million tons of steel coils to various European countries every year. This is made possible by the presence of over 700 ships. According to the steel industry, a hydrogen-powered ship could save around 3,000 tons of CO2 per year when compared to an oil-powered ship.