Uniper hires Sunfire to build a 30 MW electrolyzer

CCUS Hydrogen

Sweden – Under Project Air, Uniper has given the Dresden-based company Sunfire the go-ahead to construct a 30 MW pressured alkaline electrolysis plant that would produce green hydrogen using clean wastewater and renewable electricity. The ultimate investment choice has not yet been made.

Project Air is a business project with wide-ranging effects on all industrial value chains that aims to climate-neutralize the chemical industry. Perstorp Group and Uniper are working together on the project. The project received funding from the EU Innovation Fund thanks to an agreement with CINEA (the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency) to promote its ground-breaking technology, which is essential for the European chemicals industry to become carbon neutral.

Carbon Capture and Utilization plant

Project Air will use circular production techniques to manufacture sustainable methanol for the synthesis of chemicals. In Stenungsund, Sweden, Perstorp will construct a Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) plant that will turn carbon dioxide emissions from its operations into methanol along with various residual streams, biogas, and renewable hydrogen. A pressurized alkaline electrolyzer designed and produced by Sunfire will provide renewable hydrogen.

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