thyssenkrupp and STEAG agree hydrogen delivery in Duisburg


Germany – STEAG and thyssenkrupp have signed an agreement for the delivery of hydrogen and oxygen to thyssenkrupp Steel in Duisburg from the STEAG site in Duisburg-Walsum.

Europe’s largest steelmaking plant will benefit greatly from the planned water electrolysis facility’s contribution to its decarbonization.

Carbon-rich coke can be omitted from the iron-making process due to the automatic generation of hydrogen and oxygen as a by-product of synthetic hydrogen generation. STEAG’s planned water electrolysis in Walsum will be an important part of achieving these lofty goals.

Green light in 2023

A large portion of the coal phase-out will be completed by the end of the year in Germany, the country’s once-largest producer of hard coal-fired electricity. With its ambitious hydrogen projects in the Ruhr and Saar regions and the nearly completed new-build project for a combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Herne, STEAG is successfully realigning itself to the future growth areas in the energy industry.

Walsum’s water electrolysis project is expected to get the green light by 2023 at the earliest, with delivery to Thyssenkrupp Steel scheduled for 2025 at the earliest.