Three majors collaborate on hydrogen mobility in Europe


Belgium – Air Liquide, CaetanoBus, and Toyota Motor Europe have agreed to collaborate on the development of integrated hydrogen solutions.

This will include infrastructure development as well as vehicle fleets to accelerate the spread of hydrogen mobility for both light and heavy-duty vehicles. The collaboration reflects the three partners’ shared goal of contributing to the decarbonization of transportation and accelerating the development of local hydrogen ecosystems for a variety of mobility applications.

The three companies will leverage their complementary expertise to address the entire hydrogen mobility value chain, from renewable or low-carbon hydrogen production, distribution and refueling infrastructure, to deployment in various vehicle segments. The initial focus will be on buses, light commercial vehicles, and cars, with the goal of eventually accelerating the heavy-duty truck segment.

Emergence of hydrogen

The three major players in hydrogen mobility will contribute to the emergence of new hydrogen ecosystems across Europe by exploring joint opportunities, a critical step in stimulating demand and facilitating hydrogen access for other mobility applications. This includes infrastructure and refueling stations, as well as integrated vehicle offerings (leasing and service) to customers like taxi companies, fleet operators, local governments, and others.

The integration of various applications and projects within a hydrogen ecosystem, where supply and demand collide, is intended to create a virtuous circle that will allow the overall hydrogen infrastructure to mature. This initiative represents another step toward decarbonization, which is consistent with European governments’ increased focus and the readiness of hydrogen technologies.