The Netherlands to lead Europe in hydrogen by 2030


The Netherlands – As hydrogen becomes one of the most important sustainable energy carriers of the future, the Netherlands has everything it needs to become a major player in the hydrogen field, according to D66.

The Netherlands has enormous potential for electrolysis – the production of hydrogen from a sustainable source – thanks to the North Sea. Furthermore, there is already a national gas infrastructure in place, and it has critical knowledge and skills in-house for developing a hydrogen economy as a result of natural gas. It also provides an opportunity to broaden this knowledge through knowledge institutions and technical universities, as well as to work on hydrogen-related innovations for a clean economy. Furthermore, the Netherlands has the companies and the bright minds who are eager to get started on a large scale.

Ambition and decisiveness

Nonetheless, the Netherlands is not taking advantage of this potential to its full. While other countries have already taken significant steps, major investments in the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands have only recently begun. That is why the government must demonstrate ambition and decisiveness. The D66 and VVD parties believe that, with their action plan, the Netherlands will lead Europe in the field of hydrogen by 2030. This will help the Netherlands become more self-sufficient, strengthen its economy, and reduce its reliance on Russia.