Stiesdal supplies electrolyzer for European Energy’s facility in Esbjerg


Denmark – Stiesdal, a Danish climate technology firm, will supply the first electrolyzer for European Energy’s hydrogen production facility at Maade, Esbjerg.

Stiesdal subsidiary Stiesdal Hydrogen and European Energy have agreed to test a new 3 Megawatt electrolyzer produced by Stiesdal Hydrogen.

The electrolyzer at Stiesdal Hydrogen is based on traditional alkaline electrolysis and features an innovative, integrated design. The support systems (water treatment, power supply, and cooling) are completely modular, and the entire system is well suited for low-cost industrial manufacture.

Start-up in 2023

European Energy is in charge of planning and delivering the entire balance of plant, as well as building the Maade facility, which will have a total capacity of 12MW. When fully operational, the electrolyzer supplied by Stiesdal Hydrogen will be capable of producing around 270 tonnes of hydrogen per year.

The Maade PtX-facility began construction in late 2022 and will be operational in 2023.