South Australia export green hydrogen to Rotterdam

South Australia export green hydrogen to Rotterdam


The NetherlandsEurope’s largest port is looking into the feasibility of exporting green hydrogen made in South Australia to Rotterdam.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the feasibility study was signed by South Australian Government and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

The partnership of South Australia and the Port of Rotterdam will build upon a $1.25 million hydrogen export modelling tool and prospectus, released in October 2020, looking at establishing green hydrogen supply chains from South Australia. South Australia is the first sub-national jurisdiction to enter into such an agreement with the Port of Rotterdam.

Hydrogen in Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam aims to become an international hub for hydrogen production, import, application and transport. The Port has developed an ambitious hydrogen masterplan to become the major hydrogen import hub to supply Northwest Europe with renewable energy. Imports of hydrogen will replace oil and coal import to a large extent in the years to come, as part of the decarbonization of the European economy.

Hydrogen is developing as an important energy carrier in aviation, shipping and heavy road transport, and will also be used to heat homes and greenhouses.

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