SolarPower Europe introducing Renewable Hydrogen Workstream


Belgium – As the most cost-effective and scalable source of electricity, solar energy is a vital ally in making Europe the world leader in renewable hydrogen. SolarPower Europe is introducing a new workstream on Renewable Hydrogen to further understand the prospects and threats facing the solar industry.

The Workstream will aim to build industry and business knowledge on solar-to-hydrogen and sustainable hydrogen, to recognize the most promising business models and to speed up the cost-reduction of electrolysis-based development. Recommendations from the solar industry to encourage renewable hydrogen in key European policy files, such as the forthcoming revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) and the revision of the EU State Aid Guidelines for Energy and the Environment, will be created.

Renewable Hydrogen Coalition

The launch of the Renewable Hydrogen Workstream marks the continuation of SolarPower Europe’s growing renewable hydrogen operation over the past year, reflecting the strong political support and involvement of business and policy makers in taking advantage of this new potential. In November 2020, SolarPower Europe, in partnership with Wind Europe and Breakthrough Energy, launched the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition, an industry-led project supporting the key role of renewable hydrogen in achieving the EU’s long-term decarbonization goals. SolarPower Europe is also proud to organize the “Low Carbon and Green Hydrogen Development Roundtable” of the European Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

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