Raven SR and Howden streamline waste-to-hydrogen process


United States – Raven SR and Howden have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to give greater confidence in buying critical components for hydrogen fuel generation plants, including sophisticated compressors.

According to the agreement, Raven SR and Howden will work to standardize hydrogen compressor designs based on Raven SR’s typical plant sizes and will try to shorten lead times by offering inventories of parts specifically for compressors. By making these efforts, Raven SR will be able to meet the market’s growing demand for its product while addressing waste management challenges. The businesses will also decide how to service Raven SR’s hydrogen production plants’ aftermarket equipment requirements.

More hydrogen from waste

Three hydrogen diaphragm compressors will be provided by Howden under a deal that was signed in June for Raven SR’s renewable hydrogen facility in Richmond, California, which is expected to start operating in April 2023. In order to supply transportation-grade hydrogen to nearby clients, the Howden machinery will compress hydrogen into mobile high-pressure tube trailers. Howden will also provide compression for a Raven SR G Series (gas-to-fuels) system, which is also expected to start operating in 2023.

The technology used by Raven SR is built to produce more hydrogen per ton of waste than competing processes, lowering the price per kilogram of hydrogen, which is a major obstacle to using it as a fuel, and providing Raven with long-term, integrated value. The technology may also be put into use quickly, allowing for a quicker and more direct response to market demand. Other renewable energy products, such as sustainable aviation fuel, synthetic liquid fuels (diesel, Jet A, mil-spec, JP-8), additives, and solvents can be produced using Raven SR’s innovative technique (such as methanol, butanol, and naphtha).