Port of Hamburg to accelerate hydrogen development

Port of Hamburg to accelerate hydrogen development


Germany – The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Air Products have signed an agreement to expedite the port’s hydrogen expansion.

Together, the two sides hope to fasten the growth of hydrogen production, distribution, and use in northern Germany and Hamburg port. Hydrogen demand stimulation and subsequent decarbonization of heavy-duty vehicles, including port logistics and industry, are top priorities for HPA and Air Products.

As a member of H2 Global, HPA has been providing hydrogen to the port of Hamburg and Germany for more than 40 years now. Many hydrogen refueling stations in Germany are supplied by it, and a new one scheduled to open in 2022 will be one of them.

New technology

The HPA and Hamburger Hafen und Logistik (HHLA) Sky also established a comprehensive technology partnership earlier this year. Using automated drones at Hamburg’s port will be a joint effort between the two companies. Many logistical, sensory, or coordinative problems can be solved by this new technology.