Port of Amsterdam to get flagship hydrogen vessel


The Netherlands – The hydrogen ship for the Port of Amsterdam is being constructed by Next Generation Shipyards in Lauwersoog.

In order to promote zero-emission shipping, Next Generation Shipyards is constantly looking for sustainable applications and methods. This fits in well with their goal of achieving emission-free shipping in the port of Amsterdam by 2050 as part of their Clean Shipping vision.

Port’s flagship

The pilot ship for the European H2Ships program is being constructed, and its name is Neo Orbis. It is the first ship in history to sail electrically, using sodium borohydride as an energy source to carry hydrogen in solid form. This hydrogen carrier’s high energy density and ability to be securely stored in numerous locations are its main benefits. This means that the ship can be scaled up for inland shipping, shortsea, dredging, offshore, and possibly even patrol and naval vessels. The Neo Orbis will act as Port of Amsterdam’s flagship. In June 2023, trial sailing is anticipated to begin.

Neo Orbis’s design was created by Wijk Yacht Creations. H2 CIF created the creative hydrogen installation. Interreg North West Europe has provided funding for the project.