Orora joins SA-H2H Hydrogen Technology Cluster

Orora joins SA-H2H Hydrogen Technology Cluster


Orora has joined the South Australian Hub-to-Hub (SA-H2H) Hydrogen Technology Cluster as a founding member, led by EfficientSee and Mumford Commercial Consulting.

Orora joins founding supporters comprising SMEs and industry and government representatives, including NERA, The Government of South Australian (Department for Energy & Mining), SAGE Group, Santos, SIMEC Energy Australia, OZ Minerals, Tonsley Innovation District, Vibe Energy, Clean Peak Energy, Clean Carbon, GPA Engineering, Greenhill Energy, HYDI Hydrogen, Inside Infrastructure, EfficientSee and Mumford Commercial Consulting.

The SA-H2H Hydrogen Technology Cluster will promote supply chain innovation, manufacturing, and commercialization of hydrogen focused technologies in South Australia.

Simon Bromell, Group General Manager of Orora Beverage, said: “As a sponsor and founding member of the South Australian cluster, Orora has the opportunity to help shape the future direction of hydrogen-focused technology development in the region.”

Australian hydrogen network

National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) recently launched 13 regional clusters across Australia to form a national network for Australian hydrogen technology, expertise and innovation.

NERA is investing AU$1.85 million to establish the clusters across all states and territories that will facilitate the development of new capability in hydrogen focused technologies for Australia.

The development of a national hydrogen cluster was identified by the COAG Energy Council’s 2019 National Hydrogen Strategy as an important component to scale up Australia’s domestic industry to become a global hydrogen competitor.

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