New UK scheme for production of hydrogen from biomass

Biobased Hydrogen

United Kingdom Hydrogen production from sustainable biomass and waste is the focus of a new UK government initiative.

The new Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Program, backed by £5 million in government funding, will assist in the development of technologies to produce hydrogen generated by BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage). In the BECCS process, carbon dioxide from biomass and waste is converted into hydrogen, which can then be stored.

Funding for different businesses

Phase 1 of the Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Program will allow small businesses and large corporations, as well as research institutions and universities, to apply for a share of £5 million in new government funding. Up to £250,000 will be available to support the development of projects and the demonstration of the viability of innovative ideas for each project that submits a proposal. The most promising projects from Phase 1 will receive additional funding to demonstrate their concepts in a second phase.

Advancing UK’s hydrogen sector

New initiatives like this one will help to advance the UK’s green industrial revolution and create a vibrant low-carbon hydrogen sector. Combustion of hydrogen produces only water vapour and has the potential to reduce emissions from hard-to-decarbonize sectors of the economy like transportation and heavy industry. Hydrogen can help us achieve net zero emissions.