New technology for hydrogen separation


United StatesH24US has proven its advanced polymer membrane technology performance in separating hydrogen from other gases with very high throughput.

Blending hydrogen into the existing natural gas infrastructure has national and regional benefits for energy storage, resiliency, and emissions reductions. Hydrogen produced from renewable, nuclear, or other resources can be injected into natural gas pipelines with the blend used by conventional natural gas customers to generate power and heat.

The H24US process, called H2PrimeEnergy™, uses certain specialized materials and proprietary processing steps. H24US produces a low cost, high performance membrane for separating hydrogen from multi-component gas streams. These inexpensive membranes can be used for seperating hydrogen from other gases, and for hydrogen purification. This technology will facilitate hydrogen distribution via existing infrastructure by inserting low concentrations of hydrogen to natural gas in existing pipelines and then using H2PrimeEnergy™ units for deblending the hydrogen at the customers’ site.

H24US has filed for two US patents on its unique technology and has been self-funded by the founders since inception.