New method for creating hydrogen from seawater


United Kingdom – Torvex Energy and the Material Processing Institute collaborated to validate an innovative and “game-changing” method of producing environmentally friendly hydrogen from seawater that does not produce oxygen gas.

The Institute has collaborated with the independent Stockton-on-Tees research and development company to establish proof of concept for its unique electrochemical process, which has patents pending.

Torvex Energy has spent several years refining the process with the help of an angel investor to ensure the highest purity and output of green hydrogen. It is now looking for partners and holding meetings with potential investors in order to move from the pilot project to commercial production.

Traditional electrolysis methods, on the other hand, produce toxic by-products, necessitate a costly desalination process, and result in rapid equipment corrosion, all of which have proven to be significant barriers to increasing global hydrogen production.

Green hydrogen potential

Torvex Energy, which has more than 30 years of experience in marine and chemical engineering, saw the enormous potential for green hydrogen production to revolutionize efficiency and sustainability. It worked with the Materials Processing Institute in Teesside to successfully demonstrate and validate the process’s feasibility.