New hydrogen solution from Technip Energies


France Technip Energies has launched BlueH2 by T.ENTM, a full suite of deeply-decarbonized and affordable solutions for hydrogen production.

Hydrogen is integral to the energy transition, and, building on its 50-year track record, Technip Energies is expanding its role into low/no-carbon energy solutions.

Advantages of BlueH2 by T.ENTM

Technip Energies’ BlueH2 by T.ENTM solutions offer many advantages, one of them being up to a 99% reduction in the carbon footprint compared to the traditional hydrogen process – from ~10 down to 0.1 kilogram CO2 per kilogram H2,while maintaining flexibility to be tailored to each individual application.

Another advantage includes maximum hydrogen yield, minimum energy demand (fuel + power), and highly-efficient carbon avoidance and carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) techniques, to arrive at the lowest cost of (blue) hydrogen “LCOH”.

It is comprised of “flight proven”, company-developed and owned technologies and equipment, available to customers today. It also includes optional integration of highly efficient, low-carbon cogeneration of power.

Supporting decarbonization

In addition to targeting traditional low-carbon hydrogen production applications, such as Refining and Ammonia manufacture, BlueH2 by T.ENTM has been developed to further support the decarbonization of numerous industries, such as steel, cement, power, olefins and LNG as well as facilitating clean energy carriers.