New hydrogen project to support decarbonization in Norway


Norway – INOVYN, an INEOS subsidiary, aims to build a new clean hydrogen supply center at its chemical manufacturing plant in Rafnes, Norway. The progress would continue to decarbonize INEOS’ activities as well as the transportation industry as a whole.

INOVYN intends to build a 20MW electrolyzer powered by zero-carbon electricity to generate renewable hydrogen by water electrolysis. This project would result in an estimated 22,000 tonnes of CO2 mitigation each year by reducing the carbon footprint of INEOS’s activities in Norway and acting as a depot for supplying hydrogen to the Norwegian transportation market.

Refueling stations network

The proposed development would be built into existing infrastructure and will also tap into ongoing negotiations with companies to create a network of refueling stations in Norway to provide renewable hydrogen to buses, trucks, and taxis. INOVYN plans to generate enough extra hydrogen every day to fuel up to 400 buses or 1,600 taxis. These goals improve the outlook for the Rafnes cluster of industries, which is being assisted by the Norwegian government in its efforts to build a climate-positive area by 2040.

INOVYN will apply for funds to carry out the experiment in partnership with investors who advocate increasing the use of hydrogen in transportation.

Wim Raaijen
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