New green hydrogen plant in USA


United StatesPlug Power plans to build a green hydrogen production plant in Camden County, Georgia.

The plant will produce 15 tons per day of liquid green hydrogen, produced using 100% renewable energy and intended to fuel transportation applications, including material handling and fuel cell electric vehicle fleets. Plug Power is investing $84 million in the facility, which is expected to create at least 24 jobs in the local community starting in 2022.

As a focal point for Plug Power’s green hydrogen network and the broader U.S. hydrogen economy, Camden County, presents many strategic advantages. The location enables easy access to the region’s commercial and industrial centers, including Plug Power customers like Home Depot and Southern Company.

Collaboration with authorities

Plug Power is working closely with local and state authorities as it moves forward with the project. Plug Power has signed a Purchase Power Agreement with Okefenokee Rural Electric Membership Corporation to source the renewable electricity needed to power the plant.

Additionally, the company is entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with Camden County Joint Development Authority for land and local site support. The exact location for the plant and details about construction and job openings will be announced upon finalization later this year.

Growth of hydrogen market

Experts forecast that green hydrogen will play an essential role in meeting greenhouse gas emissions targets worldwide, particularly in the transportation and logistics sectors. Hence, exponential growth in the hydrogen economy is expected to accelerate, reaching up to 500-800 million tonnes used per year by 2050 and making up 20 percent of global energy demand. Facilities like the Camden County plant are critical for making green hydrogen cost-competitive with fossil fuels and boosting adoption in the coming decade.

Wim Raaijen
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