New French partnership for underground hydrogen storage


France Schneider Electric and Storengy, a subsidiary of the energy company ENGIE, have partnered to provide underground hydrogen storage solutions.

Storengy and Schneider Electric have formed a joint venture to help companies reduce their carbon footprints. At the Etrez storage facility, a first project named HyPSTER is the catalyst for this collaboration. Renewable hydrogen will be produced using local renewable energy. Underground hydrogen storage will be demonstrated in a salt cavern as part of this project. An additional benefit is that the process can be tested for technical and economic reproducibility at other European locations.

French partnership

Storengy will benefit from Schneider Electric’s expertise in automation solutions, process instrumentation, gas analysis, and energy distribution solutions in order to implement a zero-carbon solution for its customers.

An integrated Power Systems and Process Automation solution for underground hydrogen storage will be developed by the two companies together. Solution implementation necessitates manufacturer expertise in both energy management and process control. As a result, Schneider Electric will design packages that can be easily replicated in other facilities.