New cooperation on hydrogen electrolysis


Spain Siemens Energy and Messer Group will jointly work on green hydrogen projects with a capacity of 5 to 50 MW for industrial and mobility applications.

Messer Ibérica has already submitted three renewable hydrogen projects in Tarragona’s chemical complex to the Spanish government under the terms of this agreement. The total electrolyzer power of these projects will be 70 MW.

Cost-effective operation

The partners’ goal is to run the most cost-effective operation possible by maximizing cost efficiency and making full use of all co-products in an integrated hub concept. Messer Ibérica operates an oxygen pipeline network in the Tarragona chemical park, where this electrolysis co-product will be used.

Renewable hydrogen derived from electrolysis has been established by the chemical industry in Tarragona, one of Europe’s largest chemical parks, as a critical option for replacing fossil fuels in its processes.