New collaboration for green hydrogen development


Switzerland – Worley, ABB, and IBM have signed an agreement to work together to help energy companies build and operate green hydrogen plants more efficiently and at scale.

The planned three-party collaboration aims to create an integrated, digitally enabled solution for facility owners to build and operate green hydrogen assets more quickly, cheaply, and safely.

Green hydrogen is a type of clean energy produced by electrolysis from water and powered by renewable energy. While many industries are interested in investing in green hydrogen, high production costs are preventing market adoption and scale over natural gas or blue hydrogen. Furthermore, production facilities necessitate a readily available and abundant renewable energy supply. This partnership aims to assist customers in overcoming these obstacles by scaling up technologies and lowering production costs, allowing green hydrogen to become more widely adopted.

Combined expertise

Worley will provide engineering, procurement, and construction expertise throughout the project as part of the partnership. Electrical infrastructure, automation, operations digitalization and optimization, and energy management will all be covered by ABB. IBM will provide data framework and management solutions, as well as systems integration services. The three parties will collaborate to provide operations and maintenance services, combining their digital expertise.