New class of liquid hydrogen vessel to transform renewables market


United Kingdom – C-Job Naval Architects has created a completely new class of liquid hydrogen tanker that will completely transform the renewable energy market.

The tanker concept, which was developed in collaboration with LH2 Europe, is a key component of achieving a green end-to-end liquid hydrogen supply chain. LH2 Europe will accomplish this by producing green hydrogen from Scotland’s abundant renewable electricity and selling it at a competitive price to diesel. The liquid hydrogen will then be transported from Scotland to Germany by the new tanker. Onboard, the tanker has enough fuel to fuel 400,000 medium-sized hydrogen cars or 20,000 heavy trucks. The tanker will initially deliver 100 tons of hydrogen per day, with the delivery rate gradually increasing to 300 tons per day, depending on demand.

Hydrogen vessel

The liquid hydrogen tanker will be 141 meters long and have a storage capacity of 37,500 cubic meters when it is finished. The ship will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells and will have three liquid hydrogen storage tanks on board. The tanks will have a much lower boil-off rate than those used in the maritime industry today. The remaining boil off will be collected and used directly in hydrogen fuel cells to power the vessel’s propulsion systems, resulting in only water emissions. During its operations, the vessel will emit zero greenhouse gases.

Six months before the first hydrogen delivery in 2027, the ship is expected to be ready and commissioned.