Ineos invests more than €2B in green hydrogen in Europe


Europe INEOS intends to invest more than €2 billion in electrolysis projects around Europe to produce zero-carbon, green hydrogen. The company’s first plants will be developed in Norway, Germany, and Belgium, with investments also planned in the United Kingdom and France.

INEOS is already Europe’s largest existing operator of electrolysis, the critical technology required to produce green hydrogen for power production, transportation, and industrial use, through its subsidiary INOVYN.

The company also has substantial experience in hydrogen storage and handling, putting it in a unique position to accelerate progress toward a carbon-free future based on hydrogen.

The first unit to be built will be a 20MW electrolyzer in Norway that will produce clean hydrogen using water electrolysis and will be driven by zero-carbon electricity. This project will result in an estimated 22,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction per year by decreasing the carbon footprint of INEOS’ operations at Rafnes and functioning as a center for supplying hydrogen to the Norwegian transportation industry.

INEOS aims to build a larger scale 100MW electrolyzer to manufacture green hydrogen at its Koln location in Germany. The project will aid in the decarbonization of INEOS’s operations at the site. The hydrogen produced by the unit will be utilized to produce green ammonia.

The Koln project will reduce carbon emissions by more than 120,000 tonnes per year. It will also provide prospects for the development of E-Fuels on a large scale through Power-to-Methanol applications.

INEOS is working on further projects in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, and the company intends to announce new collaborations with major organizations interested in the development of novel hydrogen applications.

In support of the drive toward a zero-carbon future, INEOS created a new company as part of INOVYN in November 2020 to develop and build Green Hydrogen capacity across Europe.

The INEOS hydrogen company will be headquartered in the United Kingdom, with the goal of increasing capacity to create hydrogen across the INEOS network of sites in Europe, as well as partner sites where hydrogen may speed energy decarbonization.

INEOS also intends to collaborate closely with European governments to guarantee that the required infrastructure is in place to support hydrogen’s significant role in the new Green Economy.