Matrix and Tissot to offer total hydrogen storage solutions across Europe

Hydrogen Storage

Europe – Matrix Service Company and Tissot Industrie partner to provide total Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solutions for liquid hydrogen storage across Europe.

The two companies signed an exclusive Memorandum of Understanding that will allow them to offer complete solutions for customers in the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, and the European Union.

With the global demand for hydrogen growing at an exponential rate, Matrix and Tissot’s partnership will be significant in building out the necessary infrastructure to meet the demand. Matrix PDM Engineering brings more than 65 years of experience in engineering and designing cryogenic infrastructure, making the company a leading provider of cryogenic hydrogen storage for the next generation of low carbon energy.

Total solutions

The partnership between Matrix and Tissot will combine Matrix PDM’s expertise in cryogenic engineering and technologies with Tissot’s international construction experience. Together, they will offer total solutions for customers seeking storage and terminal solutions to support their hydrogen ambitions.

Matrix and Tissot’s partnership is expected to have a significant impact on the energy and industrial markets, particularly in the mobility sector. The companies have a history of designing multiple spheres for various products, including an 1,800 cm cryogenic sphere that provides hydrogen for a wide range of industries.

The partnership also brings a great opportunity for Tissot to contribute towards the new energy transition in the markets where they operate. Tissot has a vast experience of over 650 spheres including design, fabrication, and erection. With Matrix, Tissot will bring the highest standards and expertise from both companies to deliver the best in class to the hydrogen sector.

While the partnership brings great promise for the energy and industrial markets, there may also be potential challenges that could arise, including competition and regulatory hurdles. Additionally, the success of the partnership may be contingent on the demand for hydrogen in Europe and whether the infrastructure will be able to keep up with that demand.

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