LOHC Logistix – new joint venture for hydrogen logistics


Germany – Vopak and Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies formed LOHC Logistix, a joint venture for hydrogen storage, transport, and supply based on Hydrogenious’ Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology.

In order to support both parties in their efforts to supply green hydrogen to off-takers using LOHC-based transportation by ship, train, tanker, etc., they have formed a joint venture in Germany called LOHC Logistix GmbH. The usual closing requirements must be met before the joint venture can be incorporated. It will purchase dehydrogenation and hydrogenation services from/at the individual LOHC plant operator businesses and arrange transportation for supply and transportation.

Additionally, the two partners agreed to quicken the construction of the LOHC storage facility at Chempark Dormagen (Germany/North-Rhine Westphalia), for which the start-up date has been set for 2021 (link), as well as a release facility in Rotterdam with a daily release capacity of 1.5 tonnes of hydrogen. Both parties want to hasten the scale-up process.

Hydrogen growth

Future energy systems are predicted to be predominately hydrogen-based. The LOHC technology created by Hydrogenious has a significant potential to aid in accelerating the growth of a global hydrogen industry when it comes to handling the flammable hydrogen gas. The thermal oil benzyl toluene, which is already well-known in the industry as a heat transfer medium and has appropriate qualities for safe handling in ports, is used by the German LOHC pioneer as the liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC-BT).

Benzyl toluene is a natural fit with the current port infrastructure and fleet of vessels, railcars, and tank trucks because of its properties as a flame retardant and non-explosive carrier with a high volumetric energy density that can be handled like a fossil liquid fuel within existing infrastructure, tankers, and vehicles at ambient pressure and temperature. The LOHC can be used to bind hydrogen numerous times after hydrogen is released (dehydrogenation).

In 2019, Vopak (with an ownership of about 10%) joined Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies as a strategic investor.

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