LIFTE H2 and Burckhardt Compression team up on hydrogen projects


Germany – A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by Burckhardt Compression, a manufacturer of compressors, and LIFTE H2, a company that develops hydrogen infrastructure, to create a joint offering of hydrogen solutions to the market.

With the help of a campaign of infrastructure projects, cutting-edge product and service roadmaps, a collaborative business model, and advanced technology, LIFTE H2 is giving corporate partners greater control over their upcoming low-carbon energy requirements.

Advancing industry

When combined with the exceptional high-pressure high-flow export compressor technology from Burckhardt Compression, a differentiated level of infrastructure performance, reliability, and cost is applied to difficult-to-decarbonize applications, advancing the industry toward hydrogen’s widespread adoption.

LIFTE H2 has created the most cutting-edge digital platform for asset performance management in the hydrogen industry in order to manage the complexity of maturing supply chain level performance and reliability. Burckhardt Compression is enhancing the overall service offering by bringing their asset-specific expertise, machine monitoring, and maintenance capabilities.