Lhyfe builds Danish hydrogen production site


France/DenmarkLhyfe has announced its first projects in Denmark. The Nantes-based company has been asked to play a role in the new Danish industrial park GreenLab, one of Europe’s first official and regulatory energy testing zones. Lhyfe and its partners will install a hydrogen production site equipped with 24 MW electrolysis by the end of 2022.

With its partners Green Hydrogen Systems and Eurowind Energy, Lhyfe has just signed a master supply agreement for an electrolysis plant with a capacity of up to 24MW, capable of producing around 8 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per day. This hydrogen will be processed into green methanol for use in the transport sector, by companies operating in the industrial park, and as fuel for local transport in the area.

The first phase of the plant, which will have a capacity of about 12 MW, is expected to be installed by the end of 2022.


GreenLab is a 600,000 m2 green industrial energy park located next to Skive. It is one of the first official and regulated test zones for energy. The park aims to solve one of the biggest challenges in the green energy transition: the integration of unprecedented amounts of renewable energy into the energy system. To enable new industrial parks to establish joint energy production and consumption without negatively impacting the existing collective energy network. GreenLab integrates energy production, industry, agriculture, pyrolysis and Power-to-X into one platform.


Lhyfe was also invited to join the GreenHyScale consortium that is currently preparing an agreement with CINEA for a large-scale electrolysis plant in response to the EU Green Deal 2.2 call for funding proposals. The 100MW electrolysis plant will be operational in 2024 and will generate 30 tonnes of renewable hydrogen per day.

The objective of this project is to pave the way for large-scale deployment, both onshore and offshore, in line with the EU Hydrogen Strategy and the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy. Technically, GreenHyScale will present a minimum of 100MW of green electrolysis, based on a novel, multi-MW-range alkaline electrolysis platform supplied by Green Hydrogen Systems. This is a novel, symbiotic, industrial Power-to-X platform. The grant has a budgetary contribution of €30m.