Lhyfe and Nantes ‒ Saint Nazaire Port partner on French hydrogen


France – A partnership agreement has been established between Lhyfe and Nantes-Saint-Nazaire Port, the fourth-largest seaport in France, to advance the offshore hydrogen renewable sector and the Loire Estuary’s energy transition.

In order to identify, comprehend, and evaluate the requirements for the construction of a supply chain connected to offshore hydrogen production, Nantes Saint Nazaire Port and Lhyfe have decided to combine their efforts and areas of expertise.

The goal of this collaboration is to discover the port locations and infrastructure that can house R&D prototypes and be used to test out novel ideas. The cooperation also works on identifying the industrial requirements necessary to build the machinery needed to manufacture offshore hydrogen on a large scale, as well as the port infrastructures required for the development, launch, and integration of those future pieces of machinery. The two parties will next discuss the best way to specify the necessary industrial and logistical needs for the reception and injection of the gas into the land-based network while bringing the renewable hydrogen mass-produced at sea ashore.

Hydrogen focus

Lhyfe initiated its Sealhyfe project in September in the Saint Nazaire dock basins to provide the world’s first offshore renewable hydrogen production prototype with a 1 MW capacity and a floating wind turbine.

Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port is committed to energy transition in western France. The Port Authority is exploring prospective hydrogen deployment possibilities within its port ecosystem with the goal of establishing Nantes Saint Nazaire the first major hydrogen port on France’s Atlantic Seaboard.