Johnson Controls advances green ammonia infrastructure in Morocco


Morocco – Johnson Controls Industrial Heating and Cooling Solutions Benelux has been awarded by Proton Ventures a contract for the design and realization of boil-off gas systems for the safe storage of green ammonia in the Industrial Complex Jorf Lasfar in Morocco.

Proton Ventures, in collaboration with la Société Chérifienne de Matériel Industriel et Ferroviaire (SCIF) and Group-IPS, has been awarded a turnkey contract by OCP Group to construct two refrigerated ammonia storage tanks. These tanks will be a crucial component in enabling the safe storage and distribution of green ammonia at the Industrial Complex Jorf Lasfar in Morocco.

Johnson Controls Industrial Heating and Cooling Solutions Benelux brings its extensive experience in boil-off gas systems to this project. The company has developed a unique design approach that optimizes the entire boil-off gas system, integrating safe loading and unloading of ammonia. The goal is to maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy and operating costs.

Central to the functionality and reliability of the boil-off gas system are Sabroe industrial compressors, which ensure constant and consistent operation. With their proven track record, these compressors have been selected as the core component of the system.

Energy transition

The use of green ammonia is gaining traction as a viable solution for the energy transition. Green ammonia, produced using renewable energy sources, has the potential to be a carbon-free fuel and a means to store and transport hydrogen. By investing in the infrastructure necessary for the safe storage and handling of green ammonia, Morocco’s Industrial Complex Jorf Lasfar is positioning itself as a key player in the emerging hydrogen and ammonia economy.

The adoption of green ammonia has the potential to make a significant impact on global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Its applications span various sectors, including power generation, transportation, and industrial processes. Green ammonia can be utilized as a feedstock for sustainable fertilizers, a fuel for shipping, and a clean energy carrier.

Adoption of green ammonia

The collaboration between Johnson Controls Industrial Heating and Cooling Solutions Benelux, Proton Ventures, and their consortium partners is a significant step toward advancing the adoption of green ammonia. By developing robust storage infrastructure, the project contributes to the expansion of the hydrogen and ammonia economy, driving the global energy transition and supporting the goal of achieving a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.