Italian SardHy green hydrogen project benefits from EU funding


Italy – SardHy Green Hydrogen, a cooperative initiative between Enel and Saras to produce green hydrogen in Sardinia, is one of the projects to obtain EU funding under the IPCEI Hy2Use program.

The money will be used to support the hydrogen value chain’s research, innovation, first industrial deployment, and development of pertinent infrastructure. At the Sarroch industrial location in the province of Cagliari, a 20 MW electrolyzer is anticipated to be installed as part of the project by SardHy Green Hydrogen.

The plant will be used to manufacture green hydrogen for the Saras refinery in order to lessen the carbon footprint of its refining processes. It will be powered only by renewable energy from Enel Green Power.


Following the launch of the Hy2Tech project in July of last year, Hy2Use is Enel’s second green hydrogen initiative to be launched within the European Union under IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest).

The 5.2 billion euros in cash allocated for this second phase will be used to fund 35 projects that 29 enterprises from 13 Member States, including Italy, have planned. A total of 500 million euros will be awarded to the four Italian companies who were accepted into the second IPCEI on hydrogen. The projects that were chosen are related to the infrastructure for hydrogen and its use in industry, a market that Enel Green Power and Saras’ SardHy Green Hydrogen company serves.