Hydrogen Utopia to launch waste to hydrogen plant in Poland

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Poland Hydropolis United, a Polish subsidiary of Hydrogen Utopia International, has signed a letter of intent with RZZO (Regionalny Zaklad Zagospodarowania Odpadów), the regional municipal waste management company.

HUI’s waste plastic to hydrogen process, which incorporates Powerhouse Energy Group Plc (PHE) DMG technology, is an efficient, robust, scientifically proven, and environmentally friendly technology that converts end-of-life plastics into a source of energy. The systems are scalable and adaptable to the unique characteristics of each site. A plant can be built on as little as 1.5 hectares of land and easily attached to existing waste remediation facilities.

HUI has exclusive rights to market PHE DMG technology in Hungary, Poland, and Greece, as well as non-exclusive rights to the rest of the world.

Under the terms of the LoI, RZZO has agreed, subject to final contract, to provide a plot of land at one of its facilities with the necessary utilities to operate a HUI waste plastic to hydrogen plant, as well as all necessary assistance with site permitting and waste plastic feedstock. The RZZO installation will be capable of processing up to 40 tonnes of plastic waste per day and producing up to 2-3 tonnes of hydrogen per day, as well as electricity and heat.

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