Hydrogen tractors orders signed at Dutch Lean & Green Congress


The Netherlands – Representatives from Vos Transport Group, BCTN Network of Inland Terminals, and zepp.solutions completed the order for two unique hydrogen tractors during Lean & Green Summit in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The trucks, which will have a range of at least 600 kilometers, will be delivered by the end of 2023. The two hydrogen-electric trucks are currently being developed by Delft-based zepp.solutions. These will be the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen-powered tractor units that can tow any trailer under existing European rules.

The hydrogen powertrain will be installed in two N3 tractor units utilized for local distribution, regional container transport, and (international) long-distance transport by Vos Transport Group and BCTN Group. TNO will evaluate the trucks’ performance to alternatives.


BCTN and Vos Transport Group have been pioneers in Lean & Green, the premier Dutch CO2 reduction initiative for logistics firms. The firms jointly presented the DREAMH2AUL initiative at the annual L&G Summit. This was also taken advantage of for the following project milestone: signing the order confirmation for the two hydrogen tractors.

The DREAMH2AUL project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management through a DKTI subsidy.

Wim Raaijen
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