Hoogeveen begins construction of hydrogen distribution system for heating


The Netherlands – BAM Energie & Water has started construction of a hydrogen distribution system to supply hydrogen for heating to 100 new homes in Nijstad-East and 6 to 18 existing homes in Erflanden, in the Netherlands.

The project is part of the Hydrogen District Hoogeveen, commissioned by the municipality of Hoogeveen, and aims to demonstrate that hydrogen is a viable green replacement for natural gas. The project’s financing comes from subsidies from the Dutch government, the province of Drenthe, and the EU. BAM’s strategy, ‘Building a sustainable tomorrow’, focuses on sustainability as an essential aspect.

The Netherlands has been exploring new ways to achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030, compared to the 1990 levels. One of the solutions being pursued is hydrogen technology, which is rapidly gaining momentum in the country.

Pioneering project

The Hydrogen District Hoogeveen is a pioneering project, aiming to demonstrate that natural gas networks can be converted into hydrogen networks, and existing homes can be made more sustainable. It is a collaborative project by the municipality of Hoogeveen, RENDO, Gasunie, Essent, Remeha, and BAM Energie & Water, all working towards a common goal.

The project’s first phase will see the construction of a hydrogen distribution system to supply 100 new homes in Nijstad-East and convert six to eighteen existing homes in Erflanden to hydrogen heating. The project is expected to provide an excellent opportunity to assess the feasibility of hydrogen as a replacement for natural gas.

BAM Energie & Water is responsible for the implementation of the project and has stated that sustainability is a significant spearhead of its strategy. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices is evident in its initiative to build a hydrogen distribution system for the Hydrogen District Hoogeveen.

Project funding

The financing of the project is an essential aspect of the Hydrogen District Hoogeveen’s success, and it has received subsidies from the national government, the province of Drenthe, and the EU.

The Hydrogen District Hoogeveen aims to provide a practical example of how hydrogen can be a suitable replacement for natural gas, and the project’s success could potentially influence other cities to adopt similar initiatives.

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