H2 Green Steel and GreenIron H2 to recycle iron waste and residuals


Sweden – GreenIron H2 and H2 Green Steel have committed to work together to reduce emissions and promote circularity at the H2 Green Steel plant in Boden, Sweden.

The Swedish company GreenIron H2 is cutting the cost of reducing metal oxides to pure metals without using carbon dioxide. Iron scrap and byproducts from H2 Green Steel’s activities will be recycled through its hydrogen-based CO2-reduction technology. After collecting industrial byproducts including oxidized scale and waste materials, GreenIron H2 will use its unique technique to refine them using green hydrogen at H2 Green Steel’s location in Boden.

Fossil-free industry

The end result will be high-value metals that can be used again in the steelmaking process. The annual collection and recycling target is up to 150.000 metric tons of garbage and residual material.

They both use renewable electricity and green hydrogen to achieve low or zero carbon emission processes in line with their shared goal of creating a fossil-free industry. In addressing the circularity of iron materials, the two firms hope to establish a future-proof steel plant.