Greenland building offshore wind to green ammonia project

Hydrogen Renewables

Greenland – According to a Letter of Intent (LOI) that Greenland-based Anori and H2Carrier have signed, the first industrial wind farm in the country will be constructed with the goal of creating and exporting green ammonia.

H2Carrier’s P2XFloater, a floating production vessel for hydrogen and green ammonia, will be powered by the 1.5 GW of renewable energy from the wind farm.


The P2XFloater’s design was developed in close cooperation with prestigious Norwegian engineering organizations. The Haber-Bosch ammonia production process, electrolyzers, control systems that maximize renewable energy, and tried-and-true floating oil and gas production technologies are all used in the construction of the P2XFloater.

H2Carrier will build, own or lease, and manage a fleet of P2XFloaters on PtX projects all around the world. Tanks on board the ship will be used to store green ammonia before it is exported and transferred to the international ammonia market on smaller shipping vessels.

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