Green Hydrogen Alliance spearheads UK’s competitive edge


United Kingdom – The Green Hydrogen Alliance (GHA), an independent business association comprised of major enterprises in the green hydrogen sector, has been officially founded on July 4, 2023.

The alliance intends to increase the UK’s competitiveness on a global scale in the creation and use of green hydrogen, a technology essential to the achievement of decarbonization objectives. The GHA aims to emphasize the enormous potential of green hydrogen across numerous industries, hasten its commercial feasibility, and work with policymakers to harness its advantages by bringing together businesses across the whole hydrogen supply chain.

The GHA represents a wide range of stakeholders, including Airbus, Air Products, Associated British Ports, London City Airport, Tata Steel, and World Kinect. The expertise of the partnership is further enhanced by the advisory board, which is composed of Cranfield University and the Thames Estuary Growth Board. The main goal is to highlight the uses of green hydrogen in important industries like aviation, road transportation, industrial applications, and power decarbonization. The GHA also stresses the importance of quick policy action to keep the UK from falling behind nations like Germany and the Netherlands, which have already developed plans for growing their green hydrogen economies.

The UK government’s goal of producing 5 GW of electrolytic hydrogen by 2030 is applauded by the GHA. However, it exhorts decision-makers to go beyond this objective and quicken the creation of advantageous laws and rules in order to fully realize the potential of green hydrogen. By doing this, the UK can guarantee its energy security, achieve its carbon reduction goals, and promote the nationwide creation of numerous employment in the renewable energy sector.

Establishing nation as hydrogen leader

The GHA will perform a thorough examination of the economic effects of green hydrogen deployment on particular locations in the UK in addition to evaluating the commercial potential of green hydrogen in various sectors. The partnership wants to establish the nation as a leader in this game-changing technology by identifying obstacles and opportunities.

It is important to remember that the GHA is still nonpartisan and dedicated to cooperating with all political parties, governmental organizations, civil service personnel, and business associations. The alliance aims to build a thorough understanding of the potential provided by the developing green hydrogen sector by working with all stakeholders.