Germany and Canada partner on hydrogen development


Germany/Canada – An agreement to create the Hydrogen Alliance has been signed by representatives from Canada and Germany.

The declaration was signed by Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and German Chancellor Scholz in Stephenville. With a goal of starting exports by 2025, the planned Alliance would assist in creating a transatlantic supply corridor between Canada and Germany.

This declaration makes it clear that Canada and Germany are committed to creating a policy and regulatory framework that will facilitate and stimulate investment in the hydrogen value chain in both countries to the private sector and subnational leaders in both nations.

Fuels based on hydrogen can be used in place of coal, oil, and natural gas in both transportation and industrial applications.

New partnerships

After the signing of the joint declaration between the nations, EverWind Fuels Company (EverWind), a private developer of green hydrogen and ammonia production in Nova Scotia, announced collaboration agreements with two German businesses.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was struck between EverWind and Uniper allowing Uniper to buy green ammonia from EverWind’s inaugural manufacturing facility in Point Tupper, Nova Scotia. According to the MOU, EverWind and Uniper plan to talk about a legally binding offtake arrangement for 500,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually. Point Tupper, the first facility of its kind in Atlantic Canada, is a multi-phase green hydrogen and ammonia production and export facility that is now in advanced phases of development.

Additionally, EverWind and the German E.ON Hydrogen GmbH struck a second agreement to import green ammonia at scale to Germany starting in 2025, again from the Point Tupper plant. The goal of EverWind and E.ON is to reach an offtake agreement for up to 500,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually.

The agreement increases the security of the green energy supply at a time when Europe needs to rapidly reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and promotes the decarbonization of Canada and Europe. The German small and medium sized firms, who are the engine of the German economy, may access green hydrogen thanks to E.ON’s commitment.

Wim Raaijen
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