Gasunie, Storag Etzel and Patrizia partner on German hydrogen storage


Germany – Gasunie is joining forces with Storag Etzel and Patrizia to develop hydrogen storage caverns in the Etzel salt dome located in Lower Saxony, Germany.

The overarching goal of this collaboration is to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study and subsequently establish a multi-cavity storage facility with a staggering total capacity of up to 1 terawatt-hour (TWh) of hydrogen.

Gasunie, having initiated the development of underground hydrogen storage in the northern Netherlands through the HyStock project, is now expanding its endeavors to the Etzel region in Germany. The partnership with Patrizia and Storag Etzel follows the successful pilot project H2CAST, launched in January of the previous year.

Markets contribution

The innovative pilot project involved testing hydrogen storage in two existing small caverns. The new agreement aims to propel Gasunie’s hydrogen storage capacity ambitions, contributing significantly to the nascent hydrogen markets in both the Netherlands and Germany.

The strategic location of the storage caverns in Etzel, with seamless connectivity to the Dutch and German hydrogen markets, positions this initiative as a key enabler for the broader integration of hydrogen into the energy landscape.